Donald Byrne Memorial

Chess Club

We know. There are lots of places to play chess on-line. But anyone can be a member of our club regardless of their location. This is a place for you, wherever you are, to meet with another club member for a friendly game. You may have been a student at Penn State now working in South Africa, or perhaps you were an exchange student at State High who made friends at our club. We want you to keep in touch and stay current with club news, so let's chat and enjoy the game we love!

Just click on "Play" and send the generated link to your friend.

This is a lightweight version of chess. You can only play real-time against a human, an AI is not available. A simple chat and timer are provided. You can set the timer up to 50 minutes with increment of max 50 seconds per side. If you reload the window or disconnect from the game, the game will be cancelled.